Your 1970 Stories

Jim Levy

A few short memories:

I was a DU student and--like so many students around the country--was an ardent opponent of the Vietnam war.

I remember how Woodstock West just kind of emerged--seemingly overnight.

And if memory serves, I seem to remember that it was knocked down by the "authorities" and quickly re-built.

I also clearly remember when the National Guard was deployed. I thought, "What a stupid move--bringing out armed soldiers to watch over a bunch of stoned (...

Jay Swearingen

I was in DU Law School at the time (Class of 72), which was not located on campus.  However, most DU law students made their way to the campus during the protest.  While I spent time milling about with the many students staying in the "tent city" created on campus and watching the many events going on, the bands, the skits, the protests, I also got enlisted into being one of several DU law students who were helping those arrested by the Denver Police Department, go through the booking...

Richard Mosier

Contributing Reflections by

Richard C. Mosier, BSBA 1973

Bruce Donegan

In May of 1970 I was a 18 year old freshman at DU living in Centennial Towers. Before I share memories about the events of Woodstock West, I would like to paint a little background picture of our military draft at that time.  Unlike the all-volunteer force that we are familiar with today, at that time every young man was liable for the draft..  All 365 birthdays were spun in a drum and randomly selected, and thus every 18 year old young man received his lottery number.  My birthday was...

Lynda McIntyre

The article states it is the preliminary report, written to meet the Clarion's final deadline.  I was a member of the Clarion staff at the time, and somehow managed to hang on to one issue. So this is not a story, but perhaps you can use it as reference.  There is a table of statistics broken down by age and academic rank on the answers to the survey questions.  If you would like that as well, I'll scan and send.


Lynda Nutt McIntyre

Diane Waldman

In the spring of 1970, I was not in Denver.  I was in Buffalo, New York, an undergraduate at SUNY-Buffalo.  I was anti-war, and I went to Washington, D.C. for the mass protest.  I was not in SDS, but I had a lot of friends who were, and I considered myself part of the New Left and the emerging woman's movement.  I was, however, uncomfortable with the escalation of violence -- on the part of the male-dominated left, on the part of the Buffalo police and right-wing vigilante groups who were...

Ray Smith

Let me begin by offering appropriate qualifiers to the experience that I had at Woodstock West.  This all took place 40 years ago and my memory of last week is not as strong as many.  I will provide you with as much as I can, as honestly as I can, the events and the feelings of the time but sequence and timing is likely to be altered by time.

I am Canadian, and the evolution of the Vietnam war and the protests that were taking place across the US were but evening news broadcasts to me...